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Loyalty Program, Transforming User Engagement through Behavior Insight

Strategized and Researched on how to increase user engagement from our low-frequency users. To combat this, I proposed and led a loyalty programs, known for their power to boost user retention. But it wasn't just about rewards; it was about understanding user behavior. Using the COM-B model for Behavior Change, I aimed to pinpoint what drives our users and craft a loyalty program that truly resonates. This project is to commitment to strengthening ties with the users and enhancing their experience with the app.

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Transforming User Engagement through Behavior Insight

To boost engagement and retention rates among low-frequency users by introducing a strategically designed loyalty program informed by the COM-B model for Behavior Change. 

In the fast-paced realm of food delivery apps, user retention is the major success. Recognizing a dip in engagement among certain users, the project sought to address this challenge not merely by introducing rewards but by tapping into the underlying motivations and behaviors of these users. The chosen approach was anchored in the COM-B (Capability, Opportunity, Motivation - Behavior) model, a comprehensive tool that provides insights into the multifaceted factors influencing behavior change.

Instead of a one-size-fits-all rewards program, this project birthed a loyalty program meticulously tailored to resonate with our users' specific drives and preferences. By delving into their capabilities, opportunities, and motivations, the program was designed to offer rewards and experiences that would genuinely appeal to them, thus fostering a deeper connection between the users and the app.

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