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Student Video Behaviour, AI Detection Analysis for online education

An AI-powered tool designed to monitor and interpret student behaviours during online sessions, delivering actionable insights and curated recommendations to enhance learning engagement and outcomes.

Image by Tyler Lastovich

AI-Driven Student Video Behaviour Analysis for Online Education that to facilitate a deeper understanding of student engagement during online classes, thereby improving learning outcomes and integrity.

In the rapidly growing landscape of online education, ensuring student participation and maintaining the learning process is paramount. While online platforms offer flexibility and access, they often lack the personal oversight present in traditional classrooms. To bridge this gap, our solution leverages the power of artificial intelligence.

Our AI-powered tool meticulously monitors student behaviors during online learning sessions. By analyzing video feeds in real-time, the system can determine whether a student is actively engaged, distracted, receiving unauthorized assistance, or attempting to cheat. This real-time feedback, paired with post-session insights, equips educators with a holistic understanding of each student's learning habits, engagement level, and potential integrity breaches.

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