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Churn / Retention 
AI Churn Prediction

Developed a predictive model harnessing AI to forecast user churn from behaviour and usage patterns in food delivery apps. Complemented by in-depth research, uncovered the core reasons for customer Churn/drop-off and devised targeted strategies to bolster loyalty and retention.

Student Video Behaviour AI Detection Analysis for online education

An AI-powered tool designed to monitor and interpret student behaviours during online sessions, delivering actionable insights and curated recommendations to enhance learning engagement and outcomes.

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AI-Driven Merchant Success


AI model that analyses system interactions and feature usage, pinpointing and recommending the key drivers behind successful sales and high GMV for e-commerce merchants.

Loyalty Program
Transforming User Engagement through Behavior Insight

Strategized and Researched on how to increase user engagement from our low-frequency users. To combat this, I proposed and led a loyalty programs, known for their power to boost user retention. But it wasn't just about rewards; it was about understanding user behavior. Using the COM-B model for Behavior Change, I aimed to pinpoint what drives our users and craft a loyalty program that truly resonates. This project is to commitment to strengthening ties with the users and enhancing their experience with the app.

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